MIRA Events Calendar 2010/2011

21 September 2011
Workshop on "Don't just manage expectations, Shape Analysts' Expectations"

25 August 2011
Workshop on "Regulatory Environment for Listed Corporations - Pre & Post Listing" by Tricor Corporate Services

10 August 2011
Workshop on "The Securities Commission's New Corporate Governance Blueprint - What Does It Mean For Your Company?"

07 July 2011
Workshop on "What directors should know about the investor mindset" by Columbus Circle Governance

29 June 2011
Workshop on "Looking beyond Financial Statements" by Mr. James Oh

18 May 2011
MIRA Insight - Uncover practical steps to develop and implement an effective Investor Relations programme by ZJ Advisory

31 March 2011
"Common pitfalls under Chapter 10 of Listing Requirements - Transactions" and "Understanding of proposed Goods & Services Tax (GST) implementation in Malaysia"

10 March 2011
"A look at the relationship between trading, ownership, fund flows and company valuation" by Ipreo

19 January 2011
Seminar on "Malaysian Companies Act & Regulations" and "Corporate Disclosure Policy & Overview on Chapter 10 of Listing Requirement - Transaction"

29 December 2010
MIRA 3rd Annual General Meeting at Conference Room 1, Ground Floor, Bursa Malaysia, Exchange Square, Bukit Kewangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

15 December 2010
Workshop on Succeeding In Today's Digital Environment : How Investor Relations Can Bridge The Gap

26 October 2010
Workshop On Effective Annual Reports : A Strategic Approach

04 - 05 October 2010
SIAS - 2nd Asian Investors' Corporate Governance Conference 2010

30 September 2010
Workshop On Regulatory Framework For Listed Corporation – Pre & Post Listing

01 September 2010
Seminar on Building Investors’ Confidence Through Good Corporate Governance

05 August 2010
The Inaugural Certification Ceremony Of Certificate In Investor Relations (CIR) By MIRA On 05 August 2010

17-18 July 2010
Investor Expo 2010

14 July 2010
Goods and Services Tax (GST) Seminar by Tricor Malaysia

06 - 07 July 2010
2nd Annual Corporate Governance Summit 2010

02-03 June 2010
CIR Revision Course

28 April 2010
Investor Relations: A Holistic Approach to the Marketplace

24 March 2010
The role of PR in public listed companies

22 - 23 February 2010
Malaysian Capital Market (Capital Market 101) Workshop - Basic Understanding of Capital Market & Latest Development in Malaysian Capital Market

18 November 2009
IR Case Studies Series

27 October 2009
Maximize Your IR Communication Materials

20 July 2009
Clarification on Profit Earnings and Profit Guidance. The Regulators View

20 July 2009
Lauching of Certificate in Investor Relations of IR Society, UK

20 June 2009
The Malaysian Investor Relations Association (MIRA) will be launching the Certificate of Investor Relations (CIR) professional qualification for Investor Relations

08 June 2009
MIRA/ShareInvestor "Communication in the Information Age" seminar

26 May 2009
“The Investor Relations Policy - Best Practices on Corporate Disclosure” is part of MIRA’s efforts to help Malaysian public listed companies meet global standards of disclosure. The goal of the workshop is to give the participants an understanding of why they need to have a written disclosure policy.

07 May 2009
MIRA/ Qualvin Advisory "Equity Sales Performance: Equity Market SWOT Analysis by Paul Anthony Zaman"

21 April 2009
MIRA/Hang Bao Media "Help! The Analysts Rate us a Sell: An Analyst Relation & Media Workshop by Mr. Mark Laudi and Shareena Hatta"

10 April 2009
MIRA/ UITM "IR Career Talk"

20 Mar 2009
Case Study On Investor Relations: Hektar Reit

17 Mach 2009
MIRA/RAPR CEO Luncheon - IR Expert Series Talk on "IR In A Bear Market" (Members Only)

18 February 2009
MIRA/ SPRG "The recovery process What it takes to be the first out of the gate"

30 October 2008
MIRA/Qualvin "Ultimate Share Performance" training

16-18 October 2008

18 August 2008
MIRA / The Edge Roundtable on Investor Relations

16 August 2008
IR Career Talk at UiTM

14 August 2008
"Ask The Xperts" Networking Luncheon

20 June 2008
MIRA First Birthday Bash Awesome Party

27 May 2008
MIRA/ShareInvestor "Investor Relations in the Information Age" seminar

08 May 2008
MIRA / E&O "IR Success Stories"

23 April 2008
MIRA "Media Coaching" seminar

25th & 26th March 2008
Vital IR: Shaping and Delivering A Powerful Corporate Message to Enhance Shareholder Value

18 March 2008
Investor Relations Management: Strategies for Managing and Executing Investor Relations

8, 9 & 21 January 2008


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