8th November & 15th November 2018
MIRA Strategic Partner - Impact of AI on Shareholder Value & Market Performance, "What Every Listco Needs to Know"

14 November 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - 2019 Budget: What you need to know, The Economy, Capital Market and You

24 October 2018
MIRA Workshop - CORPORATE REPORTING (FINANCIAL & NON-FINANCIAL) BY LISTED ISSUERS: "How to Avoid Reprimands and/or Fines by the Regulators"

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18 October 2018
MIRA Workshop - SHAPE ANALYSTS' EXPECTATIONS! The fundamentals of how to win over equity analysts every company MUST know... by Tan See Ping

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11 October 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - Masterclass: The Future of Corporate Reporting by Malaysian Institute of Accountant

18 September 2018
MIRA Workshop - Storytelling Techniques in Investor Relations by Niuh Jit Aun

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MIRA Supporting Partner - Corporate Directors Conference 2018 by Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors

8 August 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - Business Foresight Forum 2018: Disruptions and Collaborations, The Rise of Capital Market Businesses 4.0

25 July 2018
MIRA Workshop - Corporate Liability Provision: Exposure of Directors, Partners & Management on offences committed by employees or others" by Mr. Lee Min On

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11 July 2018
MIRA Workshop - Business Transformation Using Capital Management Strategies by Boey Tak Kong

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28 June 2018
MIRA Dialogue Session - Communicating What Analysts Want

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04 April 2018
MIRA Workshop - Financial Communications: Effective Media Management

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27 March 2018
Audit Committee Conference 2018 - Internal Auditing in the Age of Disruption

25 January 2018
MIRA Workshop - Key Disclosure Obligations of Listed Companies by Chee Kai Mun

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17 January 2018
Knowledge Sharing - IR Insights and Dialogue with IR Practitioners by Audrey Ho

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No. Malaysia Capital Market Regulators Website
1. Securities Commission www.sc.com.my
2. Bursa Malaysia www.bursamalaysia.com

No. Industry Link Website
1. IR Magazine www.insideinvestorrelations.com
2. PublicListed www.facebook.com.PublicListed
3. Thomson Reuters Survey www.extelsurveys.com
4. Bloomberg www.bloomberg.com
5. IpreoInk www.ipreoink.com

No. International IR Organisations Website
1. Asociación Española para las Relaciones con Inversores (AERI) www.aeri.es
2. Asociación Mexicana de Relación con Inversionistas (AMERI) www.ameri.org
3. Association Française des Investor Relations (CLIFF) www.firs.fi
4. Association of Investor Relations Professionals (OSSI) www.ossi.ru
5. Associazione Italiana Investor Relations (AIIR) www.associazioneir.it
6. Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) www.aira.org.au
7. Belgian Investor Relation Association(BIRA) www.belgian-ir.be
8. Bulgarian Investor Relations Society (BIRS) www.birbg.org
9. Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI) www.ciri.org
10. Dansk Investor Relations Forening (DIRF) www.dirf.dk
11. Deutscher Investor Relations Verband e.V. (DIRK) www.dirk.org
12. Egyptian Capital Market Association (ECMA) www.ecma.org.eg
13. Finnish Investor Relations Society (FIRS) www.ibri.org.br
14. Hellenic Investor Relations Institute www.hiri.gr
15. Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (HKIRA) www.hkira.com
16. Instituto Brasileiro de Relacoes com Investidores (IBRI) www.ibri.org.br
17. IR-India www.ir-india.com
18. Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA) www.jira.or.jp
19. Korea Listed Companies Association (KLCA) www.klca.or.kr
20. Middle East IR Society (MEIRS) www.me-irsociety.com
21. National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) www.sira.org.se
22. Netherlands Society for Investor Relations (NEVIR) www.nevir.nl
23. NIRI www.niri.org
24. Norsk Investor Relations Forening (NIRF) www.nirf.no
25. Polish Investor Relations Institute (PIRI) www.piri.pl
26. Portuguese IR Association www.forumir.pt
27. Swedish Investor Relations Association (SIRA) www.me-irsociety.com
28. Swiss Investor Relations Society (SIRV) www.cliff.asso.fr
29. Swiss Society of Investor Relations Agencies (GIRAS) www.giras.ch
30. The Investor Relations Society, UK (IRS) www.irs.org.uk
31. Turkish Investor Relations Society (TUYID) www.tuyid.org
32. Ukrainian Investor Relations Society (UAIR) www.uair.com.ua