8th November & 15th November 2018
MIRA Strategic Partner - Impact of AI on Shareholder Value & Market Performance, "What Every Listco Needs to Know"

14 November 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - 2019 Budget: What you need to know, The Economy, Capital Market and You

24 October 2018
MIRA Workshop - CORPORATE REPORTING (FINANCIAL & NON-FINANCIAL) BY LISTED ISSUERS: "How to Avoid Reprimands and/or Fines by the Regulators"

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18 October 2018
MIRA Workshop - SHAPE ANALYSTS' EXPECTATIONS! The fundamentals of how to win over equity analysts every company MUST know... by Tan See Ping

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11 October 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - Masterclass: The Future of Corporate Reporting by Malaysian Institute of Accountant

18 September 2018
MIRA Workshop - Storytelling Techniques in Investor Relations by Niuh Jit Aun

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MIRA Supporting Partner - Corporate Directors Conference 2018 by Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors

8 August 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - Business Foresight Forum 2018: Disruptions and Collaborations, The Rise of Capital Market Businesses 4.0

25 July 2018
MIRA Workshop - Corporate Liability Provision: Exposure of Directors, Partners & Management on offences committed by employees or others" by Mr. Lee Min On

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11 July 2018
MIRA Workshop - Business Transformation Using Capital Management Strategies by Boey Tak Kong

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28 June 2018
MIRA Dialogue Session - Communicating What Analysts Want

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04 April 2018
MIRA Workshop - Financial Communications: Effective Media Management

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27 March 2018
Audit Committee Conference 2018 - Internal Auditing in the Age of Disruption

25 January 2018
MIRA Workshop - Key Disclosure Obligations of Listed Companies by Chee Kai Mun

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17 January 2018
Knowledge Sharing - IR Insights and Dialogue with IR Practitioners by Audrey Ho

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27 Oct 09

Maximize Your IR Communication Materials

IR Communication Materials Scoring Program

International Best Practices for IR Communication Materials
How effective are your investor relations communication materials? In their global search for good investments, investors compare your company with your peers. To get their investment - and keep it - your annual reports, IR website, presentations and press releases must speak to the investors and cover their needs. How do you stack up? This workshop will give you the answer and help you maximize your IR communication materials to communicate your investment case.

This workshop is designed to help Malaysian companies immediately identify areas for improvement and raise the level of IR communication materials to international best practice standards.

About International Best Practices IR Communication Materials Scoring
The scoring of IR communication materials is a scientific and systematic way to define where your IR communication materials stand on a global level. Your scores can be used to identify areas for immediate improvement in order to increase the appeal to your current and potential investors.

Eight Iris will score the IR communication materials of the workshop participants in advance and the scores will be presented at the workshop.

Get your IR Communication Materials Scored for Free!
MIRA members will get their IR communication materials scored by Eight Iris for free as part of the MIRA/Eight Iris partnership. The scoring is normally priced between RM2,500 to RM10,000.

How you will benefit from this event:
Learn what investors expect from IR communication materials
Learn how to communicate the benefits of investing in your company
Receive a score for the different elements of your four key IR communication materials
Identify areas for immediate and effective improvement
Gain valuable insights to best practices for IR Communication materials
Benchmark company IR products against industry standards

Who should attend
This workshop will be invaluable to CEOs, CFOs, IR managers, PR and Communications executives who are involved in the preparation of the Investor Relations communication material such as the annual report, financial presentations, Investor Relations website and press releases.

Event Facilitators:
Eight Iris Communications LLP. Erik Wallace, CIR. (Senior IR Analyst) and Vinod Edamana (IR Researcher & Analyst) Eight Iris Communications is a specialist investor relations firm which helps public listed companies achieve transparent, sound and effective investor communications. Eight Iris also conducts the MIRA CIR revision courses.

Date : Oct 27, 2009
Venue : Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Theatrette, Lower Ground Floor
Time : 9am - 1pm
Fee : MIRA member: RM 150.00 (MIRA member can use RM150 voucher to attend this event)
Non-MIRA member: RM 350.00

Event Program and more information
Visit http://www.8iris.com/scoring to view the event program details

Register Now! Limited Seats.
To register or for more information, please contact:
Ms. Azlina Md. Uthong (azlina_mduthong@bursamalaysia.com) or cal 03-20347677

Click here to download brochure