MIRA Events Calendar 2016/2017

MIRA Events Calendar 2015/2016

MIRA IR Awards 2017

23 May 2017
Seminar - Updates on The New Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance and The Companies Act 2016

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19 April 2017
Workshop - Annual Report - Essential Information The Stakeholders Want To Know By Boey Tak Kong

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5 April 2017
MIA-IIAM Audit Committee Conference 2017

30 March 2017
Workshop - Investor Communications: Owning the Story During Corporate Exercises by Darrell Wright

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1 March 2017
Workshop - Enhancing Communication with Stakeholders! by Ranjit Singh

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19 January 2017
Workshop - The Annual General Meeting - A Practical Insight for all Stakeholders by Chong Chee Fern

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17 January 2017
MIRA Insight - Economic Outlook 2017 by Alan Tan

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12 January 2017
Fintech & Digital Economy Conference 2017

06 December 2016
Workshop - Management Discussion and Analysis Statement - What and How to Disclose by Lee Min On

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29 & 30 November 2016
Certificate in Investor Relations 2016

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03 November 2016
MIRA - Boardroom Conference On Gearing Up For The Digital Future

MIRA - Boardroom Conference On Gearing Up For The Digital Future

25 October 2016
Workshop - Annual Report Disclosure Guidelines & Sustainability Reporting - What A Company Need To Disclose by Boey Tak Kong

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06 October 2016
Seminar - "KNOW YOUR INVESTORS" Learn The Technique To CONNECT With Analysts And Investors By Tan See Ping

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About MIRA - Overview

MIRA was established in June 2007, by Bursa Malaysia (the Stock Exchange of Malaysia), and funded by the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF), a statutory fund under purview of the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

MIRA is the first and only professional association for investor relations (IR) in Malaysia.
MIRA’s membership comprises public-listed companies, investment banks, brokerages and intermediaries and IR service providers.
MIRA offers, under sponsorship of Bursa Malaysia, an IR Incentive Program, fully subsidised by CMDF, which help public-listed companies set up an internal IR program and get better exposure through IR.
MIRA hosts Investor Expo briefings and exhibition, a platform for public-listed companies to engage with fund managers and analysts, and for retail investors to gain knowledge on investment.
MIRA hosts the Malaysian IR Awards recognizing examplary best practices in IR among public-listed companies and their management.
MIRA offers Certificate in IR examinations, in association with the Investor Relations Society of the United Kingdom, for professional qualification of IR practitioners in Malaysia.
MIRA offers, jointly with Bursa Malaysia, an IR Manual & Workbook to guide public-listed companies on principles and management of IR.
MIRA hosts conferences, seminars, training and knowledge sharing for and among its members.
MIRA's Board of Directors comprises representatives from Corporate/Associate members

MIRA's Vision
A more efficient, shareholder-friendly capital market through excellence in Investor Relations.

MIRA's Mission
Using Investor Relations to promote corporate governance, transparency and enhance shareholder value for all.

MIRA's primary objectives reflect its Charter, namely to facilitate communication and closer relationships between PLCs and the investor community. It aims to serve ALL its Members by:-

Supporting Members through seminars, workshops and policy briefs
Conducting education and training programmes to raise the levels of IR in Malaysia
"Hand holding" companies who are keen on establishing an IR function and implementing an IR programme
Administering an Incentive Programme to assist companies in implementing effective IR programmes
Promoting the views of IR professionals to the investment community, regulatory bodies and government
Publishing monthly e-newsletters to keep members and other interested parties informed of the latest in IR
Providing a forum and networking opportunities for IR professionals to meet, exchange views and grow in their practice
Enhancing the function of IR in companies to a more strategic role.