MIRA Supporting Partner: - Integrated Reporting (IR) A Vision for Better Corporate Reporting

13th February 2020 (Thursday) & 9th March 2020 (Monday)
WORKSHOP 1: Introduction to <IR>

12-14 May 2020 (Tuesday-Thursday)
WORKSHOP 2: Practical Guide on Implementing

8th & 9th January 2020
Certificate in Investor Relations 2020

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28th November 2019
MIRA Workshop - SHAPE ANALYSTS' EXPECTATIONS! The fundamentals of how to win over equity analysts every company MUST know... by Mr. Tan See Ping

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9th October 2019
MIRA Evening Talk and Networking: USA China Trade War Its Impact on Business and Consumers in Asean

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19 September 2019
MIRA Strategic Partner - Business Foresight Forum 2019

25 July 2019
MIRA Workshop - Effective Investor Marketing, Stakeholder Motivation and Fund-Raising by Kok Cheang Hung

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27 June 2019
MIRA Workshop - Managing Corporate Governance Challenges: Compliance Reality By Boey Tak Kong

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25 June 2019
MIRA Supporting Event: MFRS Conference 2019 - Applications In Your Practice

13 June 2019
MIRA Supporting Event: CFO Conference 2019 - Leading In The Digital Age

30th May 2019
MIRA Workshop - Crisis Management: Effective Corporate Communication

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8 May 2019
MIRA Workshop - Unlock Shareholder Value with Compelling and Effective Storytelling

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15 April 2019
MIRA Supporting Event: Audit Committee Conference 2019

10th April 2019
MIRA Workshop - Staying Listed - Trials & Tribulations of A Listed Company

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28th March 2019
MIRA Leadership Forum 10x Growth Strategies - Growing 10x And Beyond!

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25 & 26 March 2019
Certificate in Investor Relations 2019

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8 March 2019
A Special Presentation on Innovation - "Innovation Isn't Just For Startups: How Big Companies and SMEs Too Can Tap Their Creative Power!" by Digi.Com Berhad

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7 March 2019
Workshop - "KNOW YOUR INVESTORS" Learn The Technique To CONNECT With Analysts And Investors By Tan See Ping

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MIRA Supporting Partner: - Governance Symposium 2019 - Building a Governance Eco - System.

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8th November & 15th November 2018
MIRA Strategic Partner - Impact of AI on Shareholder Value & Market Performance, "What Every Listco Needs to Know"

14 November 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - 2019 Budget: What you need to know, The Economy, Capital Market and You

24 October 2018
MIRA Workshop - CORPORATE REPORTING (FINANCIAL & NON-FINANCIAL) BY LISTED ISSUERS: "How to Avoid Reprimands and/or Fines by the Regulators"

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18 October 2018
MIRA Workshop - SHAPE ANALYSTS' EXPECTATIONS! The fundamentals of how to win over equity analysts every company MUST know... by Tan See Ping

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11 October 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - Masterclass: The Future of Corporate Reporting by Malaysian Institute of Accountant

18 September 2018
MIRA Workshop - Storytelling Techniques in Investor Relations by Niuh Jit Aun

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MIRA Supporting Partner - Corporate Directors Conference 2018 by Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors

8 August 2018
MIRA Supporting Partner - Business Foresight Forum 2018: Disruptions and Collaborations, The Rise of Capital Market Businesses 4.0

25 July 2018
MIRA Workshop - Corporate Liability Provision: Exposure of Directors, Partners & Management on offences committed by employees or others" by Mr. Lee Min On

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11 July 2018
MIRA Workshop - Business Transformation Using Capital Management Strategies by Boey Tak Kong

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28 June 2018
MIRA Dialogue Session - Communicating What Analysts Want

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04 April 2018
MIRA Workshop - Financial Communications: Effective Media Management

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27 March 2018
Audit Committee Conference 2018 - Internal Auditing in the Age of Disruption

25 January 2018
MIRA Workshop - Key Disclosure Obligations of Listed Companies by Chee Kai Mun

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17 January 2018
Knowledge Sharing - IR Insights and Dialogue with IR Practitioners by Audrey Ho

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MIRA IR Awards 2017


The Certificate in Investor Relations professional qualification is now regarded as an essential prerequisite for those entering the investor relations profession in the United Kingdom. Starting in the first quarter of 2009, MIRA is pleased to offer the same quality of professional development available in the UK to IR practitioners in Malaysia. The CIR is offered in collaboration with the Investor Relations Society, UK’s professional body for IR, highly regarded as a leading authority on IR in UK and Europe (with 80% of companies on FTSE100 on LSE as its members) and among the earliest established professional bodies for IR.

MIRA will offer training and examinaton leading to the CIR at regular intervals throughout the year covering the following topics:

1. Introduction to Investor Relations
2. Companies and Regulations
3. Financial Markets
4. Regulatory Environment
5. Accounting Valuation & Investment Principles
6. Practical Experience

The CIR allows IR practitioners to enhance their IR capabilities and benchmark against international best practices. It allows listed companies to identify qualified IR professionals to strengthen their IR function.

The CIR is also an opportunity for development for professionals from financial intermediary roles such as investment banking and equity research who want to make the cross-over into listed companies.

Payable for CIR exam Fee
CIR examination fee for MIRA members
GBP499 + RM200 processing fee
CIR Revision Course fee for MIRA members
CIR examination fee for Non-MIRA members
GBP499 + RM450 processing fee
CIR Revision Course fee for Non-MIRA members

Please remit the exam fee of £450 to the following bank a/c directly and fax/email to us a copy of the remittance advice for our records:

Name of a/c holder : Investor Relations Society United Kingdom
Name of bank : HSBC
Bank a/c no. : 61821881
Swift code : 40-05-3 0
Address : 60 Queen Victoria Street, London EC 4N 4TR, United Kingdom

Kindly prepare the payment for the CIR processing fee and CIR revision course fee to Malaysian Investor Relations Association and remit the payment directly to our bank a/c below and fax/email a copy of the remittance advice to us for our records.

Name of a/c holder : Malaysian Investor Relations Association
Name of bank : Malayan Banking Berhad
Bank a/c no: MBB - 514011397313

Click here to view the video
Click here to the Investor Relations Society website
Click here to download Certificate in Investor Relations 2019
Click here to download the CIR Registration form

List of CIR Graduates as at November 2019

No Name
1. Abdul Manan Mohd Najib
2. Ahmad Nizham Khan B Jamil Khan
3. Aisyatul Aizzura Salha AB Rahim
4. Alex Lee Lip Sun
5. Ang Tien Bin
6. Angie Tan Lan Sin
7. Azlil bin Ahmad
8. Azlin Nasyara Ali
9. Bailey Kho Chung Siang
10. Bernard Tan Chin Teik
11. Carmen Chin How Mun
12. Chang Kong Meng
13. Chee Kok Meng
14. Cheong Hong Kit
15. Chern Meng Gaik
16. Chew Pei Ling
17. Chiew Ming Hern
18. Chin Fook Kheong
19. Chin Pei Fung
20. Chong Set Fui
21. Christine Lau Fei Ling
22. Christine Siew Pui Fun
23. Connie Tong Lee Mee
24. Desmond Foo
25. Eddie Razak
26. Elaine Lai Ee Ling
27. Erik Wallace
28. Faridah Hanim Abdul Rahman
29. Fazlina Mohd Salman
30. Fiona Ho Sook Han
31. Folk Jee Yoong
32. Foong Yein Teng
33. Gan Pei Joo
34. Glory Narong
35. Go Sin Sin
36. Haniza Sabaran
37. Haryati Yahya
38. Hezreen Fareisha Binti Abu Hasan
39. Ho Wen Yan.
40. Huang Jiunn Min
41. Ian Leong
42. Ida Rahayu Mohd Jamli
43. Ismarita' Ismar
44. Izan Hajar Ishak
45. Jared Tan Kong Guan
46. Jasmaliha Jaafar
47. Joanna Chin
48. John Selvaraj James
49. Karen Ding Ming Nyuk
50. Karine Goh Kar Ling
51. Keow Mei Lynn
52. Koay Bee Eng
53. Koay Lean Lee
54. Lam Tze Kwan Theresa
55. Lau Kent Lit @ Loh Kent Lit
56. Law Kher Sing
57. Lean Poh Seong
58. Lee Boon Hock
59. Lee Ching Ching
60. Lee Hock Lai
61. Lee Wee Kuan
62. Lee Yen Foong
63. Lee Yuen Lin
64. Leelawathy Supramaniam
65. Leong Chooi Kuen
66. Leong Eoi Chun
67. Lim Chee Hwa
68. Lim Chiou Kim
69. Lim Chui Ling
70. Lim Dao Feng
71. Lim Hoon Hwa
72. Lim Kek Siang
73. Lim Lee San
74. Lim Siew Ching
75. Linda Chin Woon Fui
76. Loh Poh Im
77. Low Shu Hua
78. Lyanna Tew
79. Mabel Tan Bee Suan
80. Mah Xian-Zhen
81. Mak Ngan Hoe
82. Margaret Hon
83. May Chan Sew Moh
84. Md Nasir Noh
85. Melaine Ong Sook Mun
86. Melissa Liew Lay Kim
87. Michelle May binti Nasaruddin
88. Michelle Wong Mei Shan
89. Mohd Fadzli Suhaimi
90. Mokhtar Mohamad
91. Muhammad Ali
92. Natalia Inani Norsalehe
93. Ng Chen Khim
94. Ng Mee Ngok
95. Ng Sook Yee
96. Ngian Yoke Fung
97. Nik Mohd Auni Bin Nik Mat
98. Norhaizam Binti Mohammad
99. Nur Asyirin Ibrahim
100. Nurulafifah Abu Bakar
101. Patricia Hwong Siew Chium
102. Peng Li Hoong
103. Pon Siau Seng
104. Raja Indra Putra
105. Rasmona Abdul Rahman
106. Raziff Shaaban
107. S Vikneshwaran.
108. S.Marsita Binti S.Kasim
109. Safarah Zeba Binti Mohd Salim
110. Sahil Singh Dev
111. Salmi Fatiha Mohd Hilmey
112. Saravanan Desigamanie
113. Sathishwaran Naidu A/L Gunalan
114. Sazlina Mohd Zulkifli
115. Shantini Vettiveloo
116. Shirley Quah May Har
117. Siti Sarina Binti Md Idris
118. Sonja Gan
119. Sow Hooi Ling
120. Syed Khalil Syed Ibrahim
121. Tan Choulyin
122. Tan Hwai Lun
123. Tan May Lee
124. Tan May Yee
125. Tan Peck Meng
126. Tan Siew Wei
127. Tan Wui Li
128. Tang Kian Hiong
129. Tang Liew Yen
130. Teh Kher Sin
131. Teoh Teik Kean
132. Thomas Hii Khing Siew
133. Thong Kooi Pin
134. Tong Sheau Wei
135. Trixy Chua Zee Quin
136. Tung Sook Wah
137. Verena Chua Li Hsin
138. Wong Yoke Mooi
139. Wong Yuen Yee
140. Wong Yuet Kheng
141. Yap Miow Sen
142. Yap Mooi Kheng
143. Yap Sooi Mee
144. Yap Wai Yee
145. Yee Julie Ann Min Wei
146. Yip Tuck Wah
147. Yong Pek Yen
148. Zaida Alia Shaari
149. Zaridan Ridzuan
150. Zarik Zainuddin
151. Zul Mawardi
152. Zulkifli Mohd Salleh Sabai