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MIRA IR Awards 2014

13 August 2014
MIRA Insight- Regional IR Platform for Foreign Investors Outreach by Kathy Zhang, Financial PR Ltd.

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07 August 2014
MIRA Insight - Looking Beyond Financial Statements - Investor's Perspective by James Oh

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22 July 2014
MIRA Insight - Seminar on Bloomberg Oil & Gas Mid - Year Outlook & Effective Practices for IROs by Bloomberg

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10 July 2014
Workshop - Power Up Your IR Presence by Irene Yeoh, RAPR Mileage Communications Sdn bhd.

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25 June 2014
Workshop - The Investor Relations Function in Malaysia by Niuh Jit Aun

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05 June 2014
Workshop - Getting Ready for GST Implementation in 2015 - A Programme for Public Listed Companies in Malaysia by Robin Chia, Tricor Malaysia

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22 May 2014
Workshop - Before __it Hits the Fan! - Laying the Foundation to Effective Crisis Communications in Today's Landscape by Michael Poh, Angle 2 Audience Sdn Bhd

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15 May 2014
MIRA Insight - Identifying and Engaging the Investment Community: Investor Relations (IR) Best Practices of Southeast Asian and Global Companies by BNY Mellon

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06 May 2014
Workshop - Governance, Risk and Compliance - A Practical Approach to an Effective and Efficient Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Governance Framework by Boardroom Corporate Limited

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22 April 2014
Enhancing Directors & Board's Effectiveness by Dato' Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar, Malaysian Directors Academy

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2 April 2014
MIRA INSIGHT - Conversations with Sell-Side - An IR-Centric Knowledge-Sharing Event

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20 March 2014
Complimentary MIRA INSIGHT - Creating Shareholders Value Through Dividend Policy - A Pillar of Investor Relations by Terence Loo, Aquilas Advisory Sdn Bhd.

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5 March 2014
Workshop - The Key to Enhancing Company Value: Understanding Effective Financial Management by Chee Hong Seng.

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20 February 2014
Seminar on Understanding Corporate Disclosure Policy and Financial Statement Fraud by Tricor Corporate Services Sdn Bhd.

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4 December 2013
CIR Examination

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26 November 2013
Complimentary MIRA Presentation :GST Appeal Process & Mechanism: Strategies to Manage GST Controversies by Lee, Hishammudin, Allen & Gledhill

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20 November 2013
Budget 2014 Seminar: What's Next Malaysia? by Tricor Tax Services Sdn Bhd.

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6 & 7 November 2013
CIR Revision Course

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17 October 2013
Malaysian Companies Act & Regulations by Tricor Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

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19 September 2013
Conference on Governance and Enterprise Risk Management - Managing the Challenges Ahead by MIRA- - Boardroom Corporate Services

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22 August 2013
Workshop - The Key to Enhancing Company Value: Understanding Effective Financial Management by Chee Hong Seng

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11 July 2013
Workshop – How to be "Positively Visible" to Investors and Stakeholders by Predeeben Kannan

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9 July 2013
CIR Examination

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12 June 2013
Workshop - Implementing the Recommendations of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 (“MCCG 2012”) for Listed Corporations with the Bursa Malaysia by Dr. Cheah Foo Seong, Chief Technical Officer of Tricor Corporate Services Sdn. Bhd.

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4 & 5 June 2013
CIR Examination Revision Course

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21 May 2013
Workshop - Social Media for Investor Relations, a half-day workshop by Fu Ching Yee, CEO and Co-Founder of Tricor Senedi Sdn Bhd

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24 April 2013
Workshop - "Investor Relations – More than just Annual Reports and Result Announcements", a half-day workshop by Mr. Eu Jin Song, Partner, Influence 360 Business Sdn Bhd

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13 March 2013
Workshop - "Decision Making Tools for Socially Responsible Investors: Critical tools and screens used by Fund Managers in the investment process" by Dr. Michael Chiam, Principal Consultant, Social Responsibility

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20 February 2013
Workshop – "Directors' Duties and Responsibilities Under Companies Act, 1965", and "Directors' Obligations Under Listing Requirements" a half-day workshop by Tricor Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

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15 January 2013
Workshop - "Investor Relations - Why Bother?", a half-day workshop by Mr. Eu Jin Song, Partner, Influence 360 Business Sdn. Bhd.

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12 December 2012
MIRA half-day workshop - Corporate Disclosure Obligations of Listed Companies and Bursa Malaysia's Corporate Disclosure Guide 2011 (CD Guide) by Tricor Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

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CIR December 2012 Exam
Postponed, please contact MIRA secretariat.

CIR Exam Revision Course
Postponed, please contact MIRA secretariat.

23 Oct 2012
"Malaysia Market Focus" by Hwang DBS Vickers

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10 Oct 2012
Malaysian Budget 2013 - Tax Changes and The Impact on Businesses - half-day seminar by Boardroom Corporate Services (REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED)

25 Sept 2012
MIRA Insights - A look at the relationship between trading, ownership, company valuation and IR workflow - by IPREO Asia Pacific

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12 Sept 2012
MIRA half-day workshop on Malaysian Companies Act & Regulations by Tricor Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

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9 August 2012
MIRA-Boardroom-KPMG Seminar on Corporate Governance and Risk Management

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19 July 2012
MIRA Insight - Presentation on "European Sovereign Debt Crisis & the German Perspective" by Mr. Christian Stock of Network Corporate Finance, Germany

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July 2012
Workshop on "Companies Act & Regulations" by Tricor Corporate Services

07 June 2012
CIR Exam

09 & 10 May 2012
CIR Revision Course

June/July 2012
Seminar on "Finance 101 for Investor Relations" by Columbus Circle Governance

23 May 2012
Workshop on "Regulatory Environment Pre-IPO" and "Continuous Listing Obligations of Listed Corporation" by Tricor Corporate Services

19 April 2012
Seminar on "Management Discussion & Analysis - Bursa's Guidelines" and "Shareholder Newsletters - What Works Best" by Columbus Circle Governance

22 March 2012
Complimentary MIRA seminar on "Impact of Amendments to Listing Requirements" and "Optimising IFRS Convergence"

15 March 2012
MIRA full-day workshop on "Corporate Social Responsibility - Value-creation that goes beyond compliance and philanthropic activities" by Paragon Corporation Sdn Bhd

23 February 2012
Seminar on "How To Get Your Message Through" by RK Biz Connect

15 Feb 2012
MIRA workshop on "Key Amendments to Listing Requirements & Corporate Disclosure Guide – 2011" by Tricor Corporate Services

19 Jan 2012
MIRA Insights - What's in store in the Year of the Dragon by UOB Kay Hian

15 Dec 2011
Workshop on "Companies Act & Regulations" by Tricor Corporate Services

16 Nov 2011
Workshop on "Adding Value Through Annual Reports" by Columbus Circle Governance

20 October 2011
MIRA workshop on "Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia - Corporate Disclosure Policy & Overview on Chapter 10 - Transactions" by Tricor Corporate Services.

18 October 2011
2012 Budget Proposals - Tax Changes and Its Impact on Businesses

21 September 2011
Workshop on "Don't just manage expectations, Shape Analysts' Expectations"

25 August 2011
Workshop on "Regulatory Environment for Listed Corporations - Pre & Post Listing" by Tricor Corporate Services

10 August 2011
Workshop on "The Securities Commission's New Corporate Governance Blueprint - What Does It Mean For Your Company?"

07 July 2011
Workshop on "What directors should know about the investor mindset" by Columbus Circle Governance

29 June 2011
Workshop on "Looking beyond Financial Statements" by Mr. James Oh

18 May 2011
MIRA Insight - Uncover practical steps to develop and implement an effective Investor Relations programme by ZJ Advisory

31 March 2011
"Common pitfalls under Chapter 10 of Listing Requirements - Transactions" and "Understanding of proposed Goods & Services Tax (GST) implementation in Malaysia"

10 March 2011
"A look at the relationship between trading, ownership, fund flows and company valuation" by Ipreo

19 January 2011
Seminar on "Malaysian Companies Act & Regulations" and "Corporate Disclosure Policy & Overview on Chapter 10 of Listing Requirement - Transaction"

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